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Gaston County Welcomes New Teachers with TIPS Program🧑‍🏫

Tuesday, Aug. 1 marked the start of a three-day orientation program for the newest teachers in Gaston County. The Teacher Introduction Program for Success (TIPS) aims to provide a warm welcome, connect new teachers with essential resources, and offer personalized support, as mentioned by TIPS coordinator Celeste Sadler.

Artice Credit: Gaston Gazette

The Gaston Business Association had the honor of participating in Day 1 of the program, alongside of 4 generous sponsors who provided gift bags and door prizes for all the teachers!

With the TIPS program fostering a welcoming environment and providing valuable support, Gaston County's new teachers are well-prepared to embark on their teaching journey when the students' first day of school arrives on Aug. 16.

Go deeper: If you would like to read the full article about the complete program, click here.


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