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Investment in the GBA contributes directly to our work to be an essential driver of Gaston County’s transformation into a regional business and economic leader.  Every initiative, program, event, and challenge we embark upon is for this purpose.

The GBA recognizes every business has specific needs, challenges, and priorities.  We are committed to your  success and have tailored our offerings to provide meaningful connections and valuable resources for all stages of business.


You are a startup or a small business owner, in early stages of growth and employ fewer than 10 individuals. Investing opens the door for you to grow professionally and build your business.

Introductory First Year Investment: $350

Future Investment: $500


Your growing company needs added exposure and awareness to help you build on your burgeoning success. While you’re busy cultivating your customer base, we provide you and your team members with essential tools, programs, and resources to accelerate growth.

Minimum Investment: $1,500


You care about the greater picture—for both your business and surrounding community. You are likely to volunteer yourself, your team, and your platform to support larger economic development initiatives.

Minimum Investment: $3,500


High-level leadership is important to your community-minded organization, and you’re looking to attend the most valuable programs and events in the region. We offer the select opportunity for your business to influence the direction of Gaston County's future. 

Minimum Investment: $7,500


Visionary partners enjoy all the benefits of our other tiers plus exclusive visibility, access and influence.  Businesses at this level are known for their vision and leadership.  These key community partners work directly with GBA Leadership to affect change and drive a prosperous & inclusive economy

Minimum Investment: $15,000

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