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A program of the GBA, Talent Partnership focuses on attracting, developing, and retaining Gaston County residents to strengthen the local economy and provide economic mobility opportunities by way of education, developing and producing careered industry opportunities in the region. 

Invest in Outcomes
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ROI-focused partnerships

Engage Talent Partnership to tap into local talent pipelines. If you are a business, learner or educator...lets talk. 

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Leveraging the U.S. Chamber's Talent Pipeline Management program, along with key education & workforce partners, GBA's Talent Partnership closes the people & skills gap.

With the launch of the Talent Partnership, Gaston County's leaders can influence the way students learn about and ultimately decide to pursue high-paying career opportunities.





The GBA places a strong emphasis on harnessing local talent in Gaston County to drive economic growth and provide opportunities for economic mobility.

By prioritizing local talent and fostering strong partnerships, the GBA aims to strengthen the workforce and contribute to the economic prosperity of Gaston County.

"There is a major demand, and there is not enough currently in the pipeline to fill the demand"

- Gaston County Schools

Industry Focus



Trades & Construction

Focused on Your Business


Talent Partnership Model

We proactively:

  • Market your business to target populations
  • Recruit learners into industry-specific education programs

  • Deliver required hard and soft skills training

  • Connect learners directly with partnering employers for internships and apprenticeships

  • Remove barriers that impede student success

  • Serve as schools' partners to improve program enrollment, retention, and completion rates

  • Place program graduates into full time positions for partnering employers

  • Track graduate success and experiences with firms

Our Model

Talent Partnership of Gaston County builds and manages talent pipelines for critical industry needs in Gaston County, NC.

Talent Partnership's mission is two-fold: 

  1. Increase the quality and quantity of talent for Gaston County's industries by partnering with key education & workforce entities

  2. Directly connect that talent to partnering employers

To achieve this objective at scale, Talent Partnership is working with private sector, public sector, education, and grantmaking partners to create an innovative talent pipeline model. This approach aligns education systems with job demands and experience requirements identified by businesses.

In strong partnership with schools, we deploy industry-focused resources to access, recruit, prepare, and place talent with local manufacturers and trades organizations.

"The program is all about getting the critical mass and making sure together we can drive more change toward more benefits for this area."

- Clariant Corporation


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