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🏗 NorthPoint Plots Expansion at Gateway85

NorthPoint Development is plotting another phase at one of the Charlotte region's most high-profile industrial parks

  • NorthPoint is in the predevelopment stage for a new phase of its Gateway85 project, which could accommodate three more buildings totaling over 1 million square feet.

  • Representatives for the Kansas City-area-based developer gave an update on the project to Gastonia City Council last week.

  • NorthPoint's Caleb Moore said the developer has invested $255 million so far at Gateway85, which includes five completed industrial buildings totaling over 3.3 million square feet.

A previous conceptual plan for Gateway85's next phase has shown it could include three industrial buildings ranging between 296,000 and 506,000 square feet.

  • Toby Wiles, development manager for NorthPoint, told council members this week that the size of those buildings is not finalized and still flexible.

What they're saying: “We feel like we’re in a very good spot with the park from a speculative basis to be able to fill the rest of those buildings up," Moore said.

Why it matters: Gateway85 has helped launch NorthPoint, a GBA Investor, as one of the region's most active industrial developers.

“We’ve really planted the flag in the Carolinas and the Southeast in general," Moore told Gastonia's elected officials this week. "We’re really optimistic about this area.”


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