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💼 Navigating the Workforce Crisis

The GBA recognizes the pressing need to address workforce development challenges and foster economic mobility opportunities for residents. Talent Partnership, a program of the GBA, is aimed at attracting, developing, and retaining Gaston County residents to bolster the local economy.

Why it matters: In North Carolina, as in many parts of the nation, economists and industry experts have long sounded the alarm regarding the imperative for businesses to address the ongoing workforce development challenge.

  • Despite these warnings, the response from companies has been sluggish, prompting concerns about the readiness of the workforce to meet evolving demands.

  • However, recent findings from Workhuman's Human Workplace Index suggest a positive shift in employee attitudes toward upskilling and career development.

By the numbers: According to the latest survey, which canvassed full-time workers across the U.S., U.K., and Ireland, an overwhelming 86% of respondents expressed a keen interest in acquiring new skills.

  • Motivated by incentives and career advancement opportunities, a significant portion of employees are eager to upskill either to secure a raise, promotion, or or to enhance ent job performance.

  • Encouragingly, the research also indicates that a vast majority of organizations offer upskilling programs, with 79% of respondents deeming them valuable.

Recognizing the significance of managerial support in fostering a positive work environment, Workhuman's report emphasizes the importance of effective recognition strategies.

  • Yet, despite efforts to cultivate a positive workplace culture, there appears to be a disconnect between employees' perceptions and organizational realities.

  • To bridge this gap, companies must carry out initiatives that promote a supportive culture and regularly assess their effectiveness.

The bottom line: As Gaston County continues to evolve, the GBA remains steadfast in its dedication to harnessing local talent as a driver of economic growth and prosperity. By prioritizing investment in residents and fostering strong partnerships across the community, Talent Partnership aims to create a brighter future for all who call Gaston County home.

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