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Meet Your Candidates: Dallas

In our ongoing commitment to inform and educate Gaston County residents, the GBA is proud to present a comprehensive compilation of responses from the candidates running for office in Dallas, NC. We believe that there is great importance in ensuring every resident has access to the information they need to make informed decisions at the ballot box.

Candidates were asked:

  • Please provide a short introduction (50 words or less) highlighting your professional background and achievements.

  • What inspired you to run for city/town council, and what specific qualities or experiences make you well-suited for this role?

  • What are your top priorities for your city/town (specifically pertaining to the business community), and how do you plan to address them if elected?

  • Please select one of the following local issues, and provide a brief description on your stance on the topic: Economic Development, Public Safety, Transportation & Infrastructure, and Education

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Candidates for Mayor of Dallas

  • Hayley Beaty

  • Rick Coleman

Candidates for Town of Dallas Board of Alderman

  • Daniel Caudill

  • Alan Cloninger

  • Jeremiah Doster

  • Hoyle Withers


Rick Coleman - Running for Mayor of Dallas

Lived in Dallas for 64 years, graduated from North Gaston HS, attended GM training classes in Charlotte, technical classes at Gaston College. Started my own small business (Coleman Auto Body) in 1975, sold it in 2001, business still in operation today being very successful.

My 7th grade math teacher Mr. George Jaggers who was on the Dallas Town Board, an Mrs. Doris Cope my 8th grade Civics teacher inspired me to get involved in government and politics. In my role as Mayor I have formed a invaluable relationship with other Mayors, Council Members, Commissioners, and State Representatives, I am also Retired which gives me ample time to devote to Town issues, I am easily accessible to the citizens of Dallas.

Careful growth planning, staying on stop of changes in laws at the state level that govern Municipal growth.

Economic Development is one of my top priorities , that goes hand in hand with transportation & infrastructure , you can’t have one without the other.


Hoyle Withers - Running for Town of Dallas Board of Alderman

I have been an Alderman for the Town of Dallas since 1997. I have also been involved in the EMS field for 53 years now and I currently serve as the Chief of the Dallas Rescue Squad.

I work for the citizens of our great town. I enjoy being a public servant.

We need to try and recruit more businesses for our Town.

Public Safety- We need to ensure that our current police and fire services remain the same.



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