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Meet Your Candidates: Bessemer City

In our ongoing commitment to inform and educate Gaston County residents, the GBA is proud to present a comprehensive compilation of responses from the candidates running for office in Bessemer City, NC. We believe that there is great importance in ensuring every resident has access to the information they need to make informed decisions at the ballot box.

Candidates were asked:

  • Please provide a short introduction (50 words or less) highlighting your professional background and achievements.

  • What inspired you to run for city/town council, and what specific qualities or experiences make you well-suited for this role?

  • What are your top priorities for your city/town (specifically pertaining to the business community), and how do you plan to address them if elected?

  • Please select one of the following local issues, and provide a brief description on your stance on the topic: Economic Development, Public Safety, Transportation & Infrastructure, and Education

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Candidates for Mayor of Bessemer City

  • John Bridgeman

  • David A. Davis

  • Aaron Grosdidier

  • Michael Meeks Sr.

  • Becky Steelman Smith

Candidates for Bessemer City Council

  • D.C. (Little Dan) Boling

  • Brenda B. Boyd

  • Michael Brooks

  • Allen Hook

  • Tanner Inman

  • Robert Johnson


Michael Meeks, Sr. - Running for Mayor of Bessemer City

As a BC native who like so many left for military service and career, I returned home in 2008 and became involved in a number of government and civic organizations with the goal of improving our community. I am dedicated to assisting city and county veterans and currently serve on the Gaston County Honor Guard and Veterans' Collaborative Board. My full resume is available on my Facebook page Michael Meeks Sr for Mayor Bessemer City.

Bessemer City has what is known as a Council/Manager form of government.

  • The Mayor does not vote except in case of a tie.

I think the role of Mayor should be to serve by example, to talk to people but more importantly to listen, especially to those people who disagree, and to build bridges.

My involvement with many diverse groups over a period of years has taught me that communication and transparency are critical to the success of a city, no matter what size. The last administration was not strong on bringing everyone to the table. Things are improving and it is up to every resident to educate themselves and hold especially elected officials accountable. My regular attendance at City Council meetings and other City functions has shown me that more visibility decreases misinformation and it is time for the City to provide media access (YouTube/Facebook/streaming) to meetings as most of our surrounding towns and cities already do. Several Facebook pages have been created to share information and keep people informed but remember that all City and County meetings are open to the public and you have every right to contact your elected representative at any time. The City page is and includes a meeting calendar.

We have some good things going on here in BC.

  • People thought Osage would never happen and we see progress.

  • New industrial is being added to Southpark Parkway.

  • There are some really committed staff members who regularly go above and beyond but the general public does not always see that. Council is moving forward with taking a look at our Fire Department and making some improvements.

  • The Planning and Zoning Board used to only meet every few months but we have more applications now and they are reviewing them monthly.

  • Growth is great but it should meet the requirements of the community.

Our downtown is pretty grim.

  • There are incentives for investors but I think we need some more simple and direct options.

  • The City and Chamber of Commerce need to get back on the same page and work together as a unit so efforts are not duplicated.

  • A lot of people who work and do business in town are not able to vote in municipal elections because they live outside of the city limits and that seems like an underused resource.

With this election there is an opportunity to bring in some new faces and new ideas along with new enthusiasm. No matter who wins I hope that everyone who cared enough to run will continue to show up and participate in Bessemer City.


Tanner Inman - Running for Bessemer City Council

I have served as a volunteer and professional firefighter. I am a father and love my community. I would like to see more opportunities for family involvement within our community.

I was inspired to run because young people need to be more involved with their communities to help bring about change. I am currently working on Master of Public Administration degree and my job has taught me how to work with lot of different people and organizations.

My top priority is to help attract more industry to move come to our community. I believe that working with the county and showcasing what our community stands for will help bring people and businesses in.

Public Safety - I believe we must continue to fund public safety in our community as crime rates rise in surrounding areas. I also believe that we must fund our fire department to bring in staff who can help run medical calls.

Our community is blessed with the public safety.


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