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🐴 GBA Investor Offering a New Type of Therapy

Since 2009, GBA Investor Bit of Hope Ranch has been a beacon of healing in Gaston County, offering nature and equine therapy to individuals seeking solace and growth. Last year marked a significant milestone for the ranch and its founder, Meg Vanderbilt, as she became the first certified practitioner of the Mace Energy Method in North Carolina, pioneering a novel approach to therapy.

Why it matters: The Mace Energy Method, originating from the innovative mind of Australian ship captain John Mace, presents a unique perspective on healing.

  • Despite initial skepticism from mainstream medical professionals, Vanderbilt found hope in this method during her personal quest for alternative therapies.

  • Inspired by its transformative potential, she pursued certification, becoming one of the few mental health professionals in the United States trained in this methodology.

At Bit of Hope, Vanderbilt now integrates the Mace Energy Method into therapy sessions for both humans and equines.

  • Unlike traditional approaches, this method focuses on addressing underlying emotional traumas by tapping into the energy universe rather than merely revisiting memories.

  • By acknowledging and releasing pent-up emotions, individuals can redirect their energy towards positive endeavors, fostering holistic well-being.

The versatility of the Mace Energy Method extends to clients of all ages and even pets, offering a holistic approach to healing. Those interested in experiencing this innovative therapy can schedule sessions through Bit of Hope's website or connect with Vanderbilt via the Mace Energy Method provider network.

The bottom line: As Vanderbilt aptly states, Bit of Hope remains committed to offering unconventional yet effective avenues for healing. Through the Mace Energy Method, the ranch continues to empower individuals on their journey towards healing and self-discovery, reinforcing its reputation as a trailblazer in therapeutic innovation.

Those interested in scheduling a session at Bit of Hope can visit or find Vanderbilt through the Mace Energy Method provider website


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