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🌺 Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden: Vogue's Finest

GBA Investor, Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden has garnered prestigious recognition as one of the finest botanical gardens in the United States, courtesy of VOGUE magazine.

  • Nestled across nearly 400 acres of land, with 30 acres devoted to a century-old stained-glass visitor pavilion, the garden promises an enchanting experience.

  • Visitors can immerse themselves in its eight garden rooms, including a special one for children, adorned with 12 serene fountains.

  • For those seeking adventure, six miles of picturesque trails wind through the grounds, tracing the scenic banks of Lake Wylie and leading to an expansive dog park.

To learn more about Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, click here.

Go deeper: To view the full Vogue article, click here.


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