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🌷 Wild and Whimsy: Gastonia's Newest Community Hub

Lauren Dawsey-Smith, president of the Gastonia Farmers Market has, “grown (her) small business into (her) big dream,” she says.

Dawsey-Smith has opened up shop in a storefront located at 231 E. Main Ave. in Gastonia, which was the long-time home of Ford’s Seed and Plants.

  • She hopes to use her business to pay homage to the former garden and seed store, “because Ford’s was such a staple in the community,” Dawsey-Smith said. “Ford’s was here for more than 100 years."

This month, Dawsey-Smith opened up Wild and Whimsy, a garden, seed, and local market store.

“We like to describe it to people as the market and the garden,” she said.
  • One side of the store will feature items hand-crafted by local vendors including scented oils, soaps, spices, canned goods, and even baked items.

  • The other side of the store will provide floral services with the ability to create arrangements for any occasion, and will use the former Ford’s greenhouse to stock plants from chrysanthemums to grown monsteras.

Dawsey-Smith hopes the store will become a community hub by offering customers an opportunity to build relationships with the owners and also interact with other members of the community.

What they're saying: Dawsey-Smith has been watching Gastonia grow as a resident for the last 20 years and recognizes that new businesses are filling the storefronts in Gastonia’s downtown.

  • “I think we can really make this a super cute and happening place,” she said.

  • Wild and Whimsy had their grand opening Saturday, Sept. 30 and gave away plants, spices, and more to visitors.

  • The store will be open every Tuesday-Saturday from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m., and Sunday from noon to 4 p.m.


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