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📣 Spectrum Reach Seeking 250 Underserved Businesses For 2024

Spectrum Reach, the advertising sales business of Charter Communications, Inc., announced it will offer 250 underserved small business owners nationwide access to its expert advertising and marketing resources through its 2024 “Pay It Forward” initiative, which is now accepting applications for this year’s program.

Local entrepreneurs selected to participate will receive a live and streaming TV campaign worth up to $15,000 along with a custom produced 30-second commercial, marketing consultation services, mentoring and educational resources, and networking opportunities.

Since launching “Pay It Forward” in 2021, Spectrum Reach has invested more than $50 million in advertising and resources and helped more than 2,000 underserved businesses in 36 states across its footprint, from coffee shops and childcare facilities to restaurants and law firms. Among the 2023 “Pay It Forward” participants was GreaterHealth Pharmacy and Wellness in St. Louis, Missouri, which used Spectrum Reach’s complimentary resources and advertising to introduce itself to potential customers after launching in late 2022.

What they're saying: “As a Black-owned, full-service pharmacy, our goal is to close the culture and trust gap in communities of color to help improve the health of the residents who live there,” said Marcus Howard, founder of GreaterHealth.

  • “Through ‘Pay It Forward’ Spectrum Reach helped us introduce our brand to the St. Louis community with a three-month TV advertising campaign and free commercial that was shown on a wide range of channels, including during an NBA playoff game.

  • Having our commercial on major network channels built instant credibility; we saw a 23% increase in calls inquiring about transferring prescriptions, and customers started coming into the pharmacy saying they saw us on TV and were excited to try us out.”

With this year’s “Pay It Forward” program, Spectrum Reach will offer each participating business access to a range of high-value services, including

  • Free advertising

  • Expert mentoring

  • Resources

Spectrum Reach also will host local and virtual events throughout the year for entrepreneurs and business owners to share ideas and build community. Reach has partnered with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Black Chamber of Commerce, Asian American Chamber of Commerce, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and other organizations in regional markets to host events throughout the year.

To apply for Spectrum Reach’s 2024 “Pay It Forward” program, underserved businesses must be legally registered to operate within a designated market area served by Spectrum Reach.

  • The deadline for applications is February 25 and this year’s participants will be announced in late March.

  • More information is available here.


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