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🏘 Real Estate Firm Sees Potential In Gaston County

Arizona-based real estate firm, Suncrest, has played a pivotal role in shaping the transformation of the Charlotte Region. Now, they have their eyes set on Gaston County.

Why it matters: The GBA shares economic development updates to inform, educate, and foster community awareness. GBA also aims to assist in collaboration among local small and large businesses, and relay potential growth opportunities for our Investors.

  • Development plans for Gaston County affect residents and businesses, both of which are crucial for regional success.

  • With 1,200 acres acquired in the region and about 3,000 residential lots entitled since their entry, Suncrest's impact is clear.

  • They are seeking approvals for an additional 2,000 home lots across various projects in different stages of planning.

The big picture: Their portfolio showcases impressive projects such as Nolen Farm in Gastonia, among several others in the Charlotte Region.

  • What’s next: Suncrest is working to add multiple large projects in Gaston County.

What they're saying: Mark McAuley, Director of Land Development for Suncrest in the Carolinas, was recently interviewed by the Charlotte Business Journal.

“We love the Gaston County area. We see that area continuing to grow, and I think they've been good partners in working through some of these projects and opening where they see development happening.”

McAuley also explains why Suncrest prioritizes input from local stakeholders and incorporates historical and cultural aspects into their projects:

[W]ith local stakeholders, having their buy in. I think that has really helped us, listening to them and hearing what they envision for the community. What is the history? How can we factor in some of this history and culture into how we develop a project? I think that has been really helpful in creating a lot of successful projects for us.”

As Suncrest hopes to make a significant impact on Gaston County, we can anticipate the development of more communities that reflect their vision and commitment to excellence.

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