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🌟 PWA Partners with The Pointe Church for GLS 2024!

We are thrilled to announce that the GBA’s Professional Women’s Association (PWA) is partnering with the 2024 Global Leadership Summit, which will take place at The Pointe Church in Belmont on August 8th-9th. For over 30 years, the Global Leadership Summit has been empowering leaders worldwide, both in person and online.

As a professional development group, the PWA is proud to support this Summit and offer it to our members and investors. As a valued investor with the GBA & PWA, you are entitled to special pricing for this event.

From July 7th through July 17th, you can take advantage of discounted pricing for the Summit. Follow the steps below to register for this inspiring 2-day event alongside your favorite PWA members:

  • Use this link to go straight to the GBA/The Pointe Church site.

  • For Organization Information, enter the GBA name and address instead of your personal business (this information will auto-populate for some).

  • Use code PRTNGLS24 for discounted pricing. Please note that the auto populated code will have an 'on' added to the end of the code. Remove this add on for correct usage.

While the normal pricing is $209, this promo code will reduce it to $139. After this promotional period, prices will return to $209

During the Summit, the PWA ladies will have a special room dedicated for breakout sessions, lunch/snack breaks, and discussion.

You can visit the Global Leadership Summit website to view the schedule and list of speakers for the event. This will give you a glimpse of the incredible lineup and what to expect during the Summit.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at 704.864.2621 or


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