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🎓 New Workforce Training Programs

The GBA’s Talent Partnership, alongside Gaston College, is dedicated to providing valuable training opportunities that lead to meaningful employment in Gaston County. Our first cohort officially completed the Manufacturing Academy this week, and we are thrilled to be looking at our next opportunity!

  • The next cohort will begin on July 8th, running from 10:00am to 4:30pm and totaling 96 hours of comprehensive training.

  • As with our previous academy, we are pleased to offer scholarships to cover the cost of the program.

  • Enrollment for this course will open soon for those seeking training and employment with manufacturing companies in Gaston County.

In addition to the Manufacturing Academy, we are excited to introduce a new career path: Service Technician training through Gaston College.

  • This two-week program is tailored specifically for HVAC careers and will begin in late-July.

What's next: We're also preparing to begin the recruitment process for Gaston College’s Textile Academy, which is anticipated to begin in mid-July.  

  • This program will equip job seekers with the necessary skills to enter the local textile industry.

  • It will incorporate much of the Manufacturing Academy curriculum while adding specific training for textile industry roles.

  • Stay tuned for more details and the enrollment announcement soon.


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