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🌳 Mount Holly's Vision for Veterans Park Expansion

In a strategic move to enhance the recreational landscape of Mount Holly, city leaders are actively seeking a private developer to collaborate on the expansion of Veterans Park.

Why it matters: The envisioned enhancements include the addition of an amphitheater, a splash pad, increased parking facilities, and the potential for nearby development.

The big picture: The proposed amphitheater and splash pad are key features of the park expansion, aimed at providing diverse recreational opportunities for the community.

What they're saying: Assistant City Manager Brian DuPont revealed that the expansion of Veterans Park aligns with a long-term vision for Mount Holly that has been in development for many years.

What's next: City leaders plan to actively solicit proposals from developers over the next six months, carefully reviewing each submission. Interim City Manager Danny Jackson addressed inquiries about the park expansion following the failed bond referendum, emphasizing the council's ongoing responsibility to pursue initiatives that impact Mount Holly's economy.

"The council has a responsibility still to bring about those things, even if the bond failed," Jackson stated. He underscored that the city's vision plan is a result of a public process, indicating that the expansion aligns with the desires expressed by the community for increased park space and amenities downtown.


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