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Join us at GBA Collaborate: Cultivating Small Businesses for Quality Living in Gaston on Thursday, August 31, at the Gastonia Conference Center for a transformative event focused on the region's economic growth.

The schedule starts at 7:30 am with check-in and breakfast, followed by the program at 8 am.

The program will delve into the significant economic development in Eastern Gaston and explore how it goes beyond industrial growth, emphasizing the importance of improving the overall quality of life.

  • Along with our featured speakers, a panel of business owners will share their experiences and insights on investing in Gaston County.

  • They will share what drove them to locate in Gaston, the impact of the region’s growth since their arrival, and their perspective on what makes Gaston County an attractive destination for business.

The event will conclude at 9:30 am, leaving attendees inspired and equipped with valuable knowledge on advancing economic development in Gaston County. Don't miss this opportunity to collaborate and shape the future of our community!

Click here to register.


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