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🗳 ICYMI: GBA’s Primary Candidate Forum

The GBA is proud to have community partners support our organization in unique ways. One such partner, the Gaston Gazette has done a wonderful job covering our recent Candidate Forum for the Primary Election.

The forum, hosted at Gaston Christian School, brought together candidates vying to represent Gaston County at various governmental levels, including the United States House of Representatives, the North Carolina House of Representatives, and Gaston County Board of Commissioners.

What they're saying: During the forum, each candidate had the opportunity to respond to questions posed by GBA Investors, Gaston Association of Realtors, and CaroMont Health. The event provided valuable insights into the visions and priorities of those seeking to serve our community.

Why it matters: The forum highlighted a diverse range of perspectives and policy proposals, underscoring the importance of civic engagement and informed decision-making. From discussions on economic development strategies to addressing critical issues such as workforce development and wage inequality, the forum served as a platform for meaningful dialogue on the future of Gaston County.

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