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💼 GBA’s Talent Partnership In Full Swing

In an effort to bridge the talent gap and address the critical workforce needs of the Gaston region, the Gaston Business Association has developed a transformative initiative called the Talent Partnership. This innovative data-driven program is designed to collaboratively align industry, education providers, and human service agencies through formal working agreements, ensuring a seamless navigation process for learners, educators, and employers. By offering access to high-quality training that caters to the specific demands of local businesses, the program empowers individuals to secure gainful employment while increasing upward mobility for those who have historically been disadvantaged. Early results have demonstrated the program's viability and impact.

  • With 27 individuals having successfully completed the program and earned certificates, and 22 others placed in full-time positions, the Talent Partnership has shown its potential to create tangible and meaningful opportunities for participants.

  • Even those not yet placed are actively engaged through skill development, GED programs, financial counseling, and other wrap-around support services to ensure their continuous progress.

Furthermore, the program has garnered significant support from the business community. This level of engagement from local companies highlights the program's ability to meet the needs of employers and create a skilled talent pool to drive economic growth in the region.

  • The GBA is confident that the Talent Partnership is uniquely positioned to sustainably address the region's talent gap challenges.

What they’re saying: The enthusiastic endorsements from program partners only further solidify the program's success.

Tyrel Sulzer, Co-CEO & COO of TransTech, Inc., emphasizes:

“By participating in this workforce development program, individuals will gain access to high-quality training that aligns with the needs and demands of many local businesses. Not only will it empower individuals to secure gainful employment, but in turn it will provide for increased upward mobility of persons who historically have been disadvantaged.”

Michael Hachee, Manager of Talent & Organizational Development of Wilbert Plastic Services, adds:

“The Gaston Business Association's workforce development program is backed by experienced educators, trainers, and success coaches who are dedicated to guiding participants on their professional journey. Bringing all these resources together will build up a highly skilled talent pool and pipeline for local businesses and attract even more manufacturers to the area.” With unwavering support from essential partner organizations, the GBA is eager to build upon the solid foundation laid in the past year.

  • The bottom line: The Talent Partnership program's success stories and promising results demonstrate its well-designed and tested approach.

For more information about engaging with Talent Partnership, please reach out to Brian Hickman, GBA’s VP of Talent, here.


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