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📣 GBA's Advocacy Journey Continues in 2024

In 2024, the GBA remains steadfast in its commitment to driving economic success and advocating for critical issues impacting our community.

  • Building upon our strategic priorities from previous years, the GBA continues to focus on key areas such as transportation and infrastructure, talent and workforce development, economic growth, and the elimination of the state franchise tax.

  • These priorities serve as the cornerstone of our relationship with legislators as we work collaboratively to shape policies that will benefit Gaston County and its residents.

What's next: As part of our ongoing efforts to engage with policymakers and address pressing issues, we are excited to announce an upcoming breakfast event scheduled for March 28th. This event will provide an opportunity to interact with our delegation prior to this year’s legislative session in late April.

Speakers Include:

  • Senator Ted Alexander

  • Senator Brad Overcash

  • Representative John Torbett

  • Representative Kelly Hastings

  • Representative Donnie Loftis

As we navigate the opportunities and challenges ahead, the GBA remains committed to advocating for policies that promote prosperity and growth in our region.

  • We invite all members of the business community to join us as we come together to drive positive change and advance the interests of Gaston County.

Click here to register.


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