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🎉 GBA President & CEO Highlighted For Gaston Lifestyles Magazine

We are excited to share that the GBA and our esteemed President and CEO, Patrick Mumford, have been featured in Gaston Lifestyles Magazine. The article highlights our pivotal role in driving business success and economic growth in Gaston County.

Mumford's diverse background and extensive experience in both corporate and public sectors have equipped him to lead the GBA effectively. The article discusses how the GBA focuses on influencing the business environment, addressing critical business needs, enhancing workforce capacity, and fostering a prosperous and inclusive economy in Gaston County.

Last year, the GBA earned a prestigious four-star accreditation rating from the United States Chamber of Commerce, reflecting our commitment to excellence. We are one of only four chambers in North Carolina to achieve this recognition.

  • The article also highlights the newly established Gaston Business Foundation, Inc., which will play a crucial role in advancing prosperity and economic growth in our region.

Additionally, GBA’s Talent Partnership program is making strides in closing the skills gap and ensuring full-time job placements for participants, contributing to a more inclusive and prosperous local economy.

Go deeper: Read the full article to learn more about our efforts to drive prosperity in Gaston County. Read the Full Article Here

We are proud to be part of this vibrant and forward-thinking community.

  • Together, we are poised to make a lasting and positive impact on the business landscape and the overall Gaston County economy.


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