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🌿 GBA Investors Collaborate to Bring Additional Services to Gaston County

Two GBA Investors are partnering to expand services offered to Gaston County. Camelot Meadows has partnered with McLean Funeral Directors (Gastonia and Belmont) to provide Funeral Services/Celebrations of Life/Pet Memorials. 

What they’re saying: “I love the beauty of the bamboo forest on my property, and started thinking about what a peaceful setting it would be for a memorial service.  When my husband died in 2017, I had his service in a funeral home chapel, and I wish I would have had an option such as my bamboo forest for his service.” Camelot Meadows Owner, Deb Baxa, told the GBA.

The funeral and memorial service industry is shifting towards a more personalized and eco-friendly focus.  Some of these changes include:

  • Cremations versus burials

  • Unique settings and a return to nature

  • Including a favorite meal/beverage of the loved one, as well as their favorite music

  • The inclusion of the loved ones’ pets

The bottom line: The partnership between Camelot Meadows and McLean Funeral Directors marks a significant step forward in offering Gaston County more personalized and eco-friendly funeral and memorial services. By combining natural beauty with thoughtful, individualized touches, this collaboration aims to honor loved ones in a setting that reflects their unique lives and passions.


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