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🍳GBA Collaborate: Cultivating Small Businesses for Quality Living in Gaston

Gaston County, a place known for its natural beauty and welcoming community, has experienced a resurgence in recent years, largely attributed to the efforts of local businesses. While economic development often conjures images of large industrial projects, we understand thriving small businesses also contribute significantly to the overall quality of life.

What’s next: Thursday, August 31st, this event promises to be a gathering of local minds, all eager to share their insights and experiences.

  • Beginning with a hearty breakfast at 7:30am, the program will kick off at 8:00am.

  • The event is open to all, with a fee of $30 for current GBA Investors and $40 for those who see themselves as Future Investors in the county's progress.

A variety of local speakers are set for the event, offering perspectives on the multi-dimensional impact of local businesses.

  • John Searby, Catawba Riverkeeper, will shine a light on the environmental consciousness that local businesses bring to the area, highlighting their role in preserving the natural beauty that makes Gaston County so alluring.

  • Michael Applegate, representing Travel & Tourism, will delve into the often underestimated economic contribution of local attractions. His talk will underscore the connection between thriving small businesses and the steady stream of visitors drawn to the county's unique offerings.

  • The City of Lowell's representative will shift the focus towards recreation and community development. The Pump Track and the Thread Trail, projects designed to encourage outdoor activities and a sense of togetherness, will be explored for their economic significance.

As the morning progresses, the event will transition into an engaging panel discussion, offering attendees the chance to hear from local business owners.

  • Eric Clay (MECA Commercial) and Emily Andress (Awaken Gallery) are just a few of the voices that will share their journeys of entrepreneurship.

  • This dynamic conversation will offer insights into how these businesses have not only thrived, but also contributed to the county's overall appeal.

This GBA Collaborate event is an opportunity for local business owners to showcase their success stories. Through collaboration and dialogue, this event hopes to inspire even more initiatives that foster economic growth and enhance the quality of life for all residents.

Click here to register.


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