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🤝 GBA and Jaycees Join Forces

The GBA is excited to announce a strategic partnership with the Gaston County Jaycees, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering young individuals through personal and professional development opportunities. This collaboration aims to achieve mutual goals, enhance community engagement, and provide valuable services to their members.

  • The GBA and Jaycees will partner on activities within the Gaston community.

  • Both organizations will co-host networking events to foster member interaction and partnership opportunities.

  • The GBA will also host the Jaycees’ landing webpage.

What they’re saying:

"With this being the 85th year of the Gaston County Jaycees, it was paramount to uphold the organization's founding principles. We are committed to honoring its original mission as a junior chamber dedicated to community service and the development of its young professionals. Building upon Past President Holden Clark's efforts, forging a partnership with the GBA was a natural progression. With their established presence and our shared values, we are enthusiastic about the potential this collaboration holds for the future of our community and the growth of our young professionals." Kendrick McDowell, 85th GC Jaycees President 
"A partnership between the GBA and the Jaycees made too much sense for our growing community. Gaston County has an opportunity to be a place that young adults want to be. The Jaycees and the GBA together offer an opportunity to serve our community and help drive continued growth." Holden Clark, 84th GC Jaycees President 
"The Gaston County Jaycees remain steadfast in our dedication to empowering young professionals and serving our community. Our partnership with the GBA reinforces our shared commitment to community empowerment, ensuring a brighter future for all residents. Together, we're poised to make a real difference and uplift our community to new heights." Elizabeth Johnson, 2024 Community VP


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