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🎨 Gaston Museum Receives Historic Donation

The GBA recognizes the economic significance of Gaston County's artistic and cultural assets. Recently, the Gaston County Museum of Art & History received a generous gift of 250 works by artist John T. Biggers, enriching our cultural landscape and community identity.

  • The transformative gift consists of works of art on paper, mural sketches, paintings and a selection of works from Biggers personal collection.

  • These are the first pieces by Biggers to be added to the museum’s permanent collection.

  • The selected works are a significant glimpse into the artist’s creative process and span nearly the entirety of his career.

  • “The Gaston County Museum of Art & History in Dallas, North Carolina, is now equipped to make and keep history alive for our hometown native, artist, family member and friend, the late Dr. John Thomas Biggers, better known to all of us, as Uncle John,” said Ina O. Biggers, widow of the late James Converse Biggers Jr. Ali Pizza, director of the Gaston County Museum of Art & History says, “The significance of this gift from the Biggers’ family cannot be overstated.

The Gaston County Museum of Art & History is only a few miles away from the birthplace, the community, the landscape; the very heart of John T. Biggers’ inspiration as a young artist.

  • Our museum now has the opportunity, and responsibility, to provide visitors with an insight into the monumental impact that John T. Biggers’ artwork had on the world.

  • “I am honored that Ms. Ina Biggers, David Hales, and the larger Biggers family has trusted us with the stewardship of this important collection.”

To learn more about John T. Biggers and the recent gift to the Gaston County Museum of Art & History, please click here or email Director, Ali Pizza.


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