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🗺 Gaston County: Mapping Local Gems

The Gaston Business Association and Town Square Publication are teaming up to craft a fresh, comprehensive map of our beloved Gaston County. This collaboration aims to beautifully showcase our local businesses, landmarks, and all the hidden gems that make our county special.

What’s next: If you receive a call regarding this project, it's legitimate! Although we sent out an email to all Investors a few weeks ago, we have had a few questions regarding this project.

  • We've extended a unique opportunity to you, our valued Investors, to feature your businesses by advertising on the map.

  • Your support and enthusiasm are what make our community thrive, and we can't wait to create a map that reflects the heart and soul of Gaston County.

For any questions regarding this project, feel free to reach out to our Marketing & Events Manager, Megan Zelaski, here.


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