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💉 Gaston Controlled Substance Coalition Narcan Training Sessions

The occurrence of opioid overdoses in the workplace, both nationwide and local, have become a pressing concern. The GBA is dedicated to helping address this issue.

Olive Branch Ministries is partnering with the Gaston Controlled Substance Coalition to conduct Narcan training sessions for Gaston County businesses of all sizes. These sessions are designed to improve community safety by teaching individuals how to identify an opioid overdose and administer Narcan effectively.

The big picture: These informative sessions cover essential aspects, ranging from identifying signs of an overdose to the proper administration of Narcan.

  • Participants can expect a flexible learning experience tailored to their needs, as these sessions can be as brief as 90 seconds or as in-depth as one hour.

  • The goal is to make this crucial training accessible to diverse audiences, ensuring that communities are well-prepared to address opioid-related emergencies.

Go deeper: For those interested in hosting their own Narcan training session, contact Leslie Lee at 704.867.9869 or for more information.


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