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🎉 Gaston Business Association's Annual Celebration

This year's Annual Celebration hosted by the Gaston Business Association is scheduled for December 8th at the Gastonia Conference Center.

Why it matters: Join us for a day filled with valuable networking opportunities, camaraderie, and celebration of our collective achievements.

The big picture: Reflect on our past achievements, celebrate the present moment, and strategically plan for the future to pave the way for sustained growth and success.

"Honoring Our Past, Celebrating Our Present, Charting Our Future" The chosen theme underscores our commitment to recognizing the accomplishments within our community while collectively envisioning a prosperous future. We believe that by reflecting on our past achievements, celebrating the present moment, and strategically planning for the future, we can pave the way for sustained growth and success.

Awards to be Presented:

  • Athena Award: This prestigious accolade recognizes outstanding business and professional men and women who have made significant contributions to leadership opportunities for women.

  • Aurora Award: This award honors a rising female business professional and community advocate. It acknowledges the dedication and impact of women who are making a difference not only in their careers but also in the broader community.

  • Duke Energy’s Citizenship and Service Award: This award pays tribute to individuals or groups that have made a positive impact in their communities through volunteer service and civic participation.

What's next: Join us on December 8th for a day of inspiration, recognition, and camaraderie at the Gastonia Conference Center. Click here to register.


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