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🏗 Expanding the Footprint of Downtown Belmont

In 2022, Historical Concepts was hired by the several property owners who own properties on the west side of Main Street, situated north of the railroad tracks in Downtown Belmont, to prepare a concept plan for the city’s consideration and input prior to potential redevelopment.

  • Upon completion, the plan was presented to the City Council in a public forum on December 7, 2022. Belmont has historic roots as a distinguished textile and railroad hub that was once home to the North Carolina textile industry’s entrepreneurial legends. Mill-era charisma and upstanding community character pulse through Belmont today.

  • Generation after generation has nurtured this bold spirit and creative spark to make way for a thriving historic downtown brimming with passionate local merchants and a burgeoning outdoor recreation scene.

City staff has engaged with the property owners to assess and deliberate on their proposed plan, including the necessary steps to advance it in the planning process.

  • The plan has not received any required approvals by staff or city council.

  • The project as proposed includes elements that require updates to the current comprehensive land use plan before being considered for approval.

  • The city will start its update to the current comprehensive land use plan in January 2024.

  • This update will include various opportunities for citizen input and feedback including the community’s vision for downtown.

Go deeper: For more information about the Comprehensive Land Use Plan update visit: //


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