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🗨 Dream to reality: GBA Investor’s Success Story

Meet Crystal.

  • She’s a GBA Investor and the owner of Sips and Sweets Mobile Dessert Bar.

  • While she resides in Gastonia, her sweets are requested at events across the Carolinas.

It all started when Crystal had a vivid dream of a lounge with an indoor and outdoor space, serving wine, cocktails and mocktails alongside delicious sweets. In early 2022, she committed to pursuing her dream and connected with Felicia Williams, Director of the Gaston College’s Small Business Center, for business counseling.

What they're saying: “Felicia has held my hand throughout the process,” said Crystal.

  • “My mind gets so creative that I can jump 10 spaces. She keeps me focused and aware of opportunities for me to grow my business.”

To learn more about Sips and Sweets Mobile Dessert Bar and where you can find them next, connect with them on Facebook @SipsandSweetsMobileDessertsNC or Instagram @SipsandSweetsNC.


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