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📶 Danish Telecom Company Chooses Gaston for North American Hub

The Gaston County Economic Development Commission has announced Lynddahl Telecom America Inc. (LTA), a Danish Telecommunications Company, has selected Gaston County for its North American Hub.

Lynddahl Telecom America Inc. (LTA), a duct solutions company for fiber optics installations, will create 54 new jobs in Gaston County.

  • The company will invest more than $5.6 million over the next three years to establish its first North American plastic extrusion production site in Belmont at the former Marlatex Corporation facility on Brook Street.

“The selection of Belmont as the site for Lynddahl Telecom America Inc.’s North American headquarters is an honor. Their decision to invest in Belmont is not only a testament to Belmont's potential, but also a boost to our commercial tax base. We extend a warm welcome to Lynddahl Telecom America and eagerly anticipate their active involvement as stakeholders in our vibrant community. This collaboration embodies a promising partnership that will not only contribute to our city's growth, but also enhance the fabric of Belmont. We are eager to embrace them as corporate citizens and extend a warm welcome to their team in Belmont in the upcoming months” stated Belmont Mayor, Richard Turner.

Building on more than 30 years of international experience in the fiber optics and duct industry, the three founders established the parent company in Denmark in 2020.

  • The company specializes in product development and customization as a supplier of complete duct solutions for fiber optics for the international telecom industry.

  • LTA will begin operations with a 55,000-square-foot facility to manufacture the protective conduits for fiber-optic cables.

“Everyone is increasingly expecting high speed internet everywhere – be it for remote work, distance learning or leisure. Over the next decade, historic investments into upgrading broadband access throughout America will be made and this represents a major business opportunity for us. We have found a cost-effective method to rapidly deploy fiber optics in Europe and we are excited about being able to offer this to our American, Canadian and Mexican partners,” said Jacob Ulrik Petersen, President of LTA.

New positions created by LTA will include production managers, plastics engineers, administrative officers, and production technicians.

What they're saying: “Gaston County extends a warm welcome and congratulations to Lynddahl Telecom America,” said N.C. Representative John Torbett. “It makes me proud to see North Carolina support the expansion of high-speed internet across the nation through this project and I look forward to seeing what heights this company will reach in the future.”


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