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💧 Dallas Secures $1M for Waterline Upgrade

The town of Dallas received nearly $1 million in community project funding from the federal government this year to replace an integral piece of its aging water infrastructure.

What they're saying: North Carolina Democratic Congressman Jeff Jackson visited the town May 10 to announce the West Trade Street waterline replacement project.

  • According to Jackson, whose congressional district includes three-fourths of Gaston County, the replacement is part of a larger need in the area to catch up on infrastructure updates. 

  • Cities across Gaston County have applied for funding in recent years to replace major portions of their water and sewer systems in light of age-related issues they have faced or believe they will face in the near future.

  • Late last year, Bessemer City struggled with sewage spills due to breaking pipes in need of replacement. 

  • In the past 12 months, both Bessemer City and Cherryville received more than $1 million in state funding toward infrastructure replacements, some of which will go toward replacing pump stations installed in the 1960s. 

  • In Dallas, the water line that runs beneath West Trade Street is the main pipe for the town’s water system and was installed in the 1940s.

Gaston County has grown considerably since then, including Dallas. To accommodate the growing population, infrastructure needs have to be met, Jackson said.  

“To be honest, we’re not staying ahead, we’re behind.

  • This project was a high priority because the water line was in dire need of replacement.

  • Dallas’ population is nearly four times what it was in 1940. To make sure that we can accommodate the growth that we’re seeing in Gaston County, we have to make sure the subsurface infrastructure can withstand that growth,” he said. 

Jackson added that town officials worked diligently with local congressional offices to get funding for the project, which could start as soon as next year, but does not have a set date for construction to begin. 

Including Dallas, Gaston County received $4.5 million in congressional funding this year to address sewer and water infrastructure needs.


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