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A program of the GBA, Talent Partnership focuses on attracting, developing, and retaining Gaston County residents to strengthen the local economy and provide economic mobility opportunities.

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Leveraging the U.S. Chamber's Talent Pipeline Management® (TPM) program, along with key education & workforce partners, GBA's Talent Partnership closes the people & skills gap. Closing this gap is critical for Gaston County's success.


With the launch of the Talent Partnership, Gaston County's leaders can influence the way students learn about and ultimately decide to pursue high-paying career opportunities in their backyards.

The Gaston Business Association places a strong emphasis on harnessing local talent in Gaston County to drive economic growth and provide opportunities for economic mobility. GBA's strategic objectives involve addressing critical workforce needs in identified sectors, generating data-driven policy outcomes, and ensuring that the policy agenda and process are responsive to the demands of businesses.


To achieve these objectives, the GBA undertakes strategic initiatives such as completing the Talent Partnership prototype model in the manufacturing sector, implementing comprehensive marketing and business development strategies, formalizing relationships with community partners and educators, and fostering collaboration with new sector collaboratives.


By prioritizing local talent and fostering strong partnerships, the GBA aims to strengthen the workforce and contribute to the economic prosperity of Gaston County.

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