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Transportation & Infrastructure
Infrastructure needed to support a growing population is key to maintaining an
enviable quality of life and driving economic prosperity.

The GBA aims to address the infrastructure needs of the growing population in order to sustain a high quality of life and drive economic prosperity. By advocating for comprehensive transportation and mobility strategies, advancing infrastructure investments at various levels, and addressing land use planning challenges, the GBA aims to position itself as a leading voice for regional transportation and facilitate cross-jurisdictional collaboration.


Additionally, the GBA seeks to engage policymakers, strengthen partnerships, and develop educational programs to secure funding, promote innovation, and ensure equitable access to infrastructure services. By embracing sustainable and resilient infrastructure practices, the GBA strives to support the long-term development and well-being of the community.

The Gaston Business Association led a public

information campaign resulting in the passage of

Gastonia's 2022 transportation bonds.

Transportation improvements are critical Gastonia’s for  long-term economic prosperity and the proposed transportation improvements will support Gastonia's inevitable future growth.

GBA Sample Letters of Support

NCDOT Multimodal Planning Grant

Aquatic Center

I-85 Widening

Regional Infrastructure Accelerator Grant–
Centralina Regional Council

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