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What We Do

Our Strategic Priorities

In collaboration with our Board of Directors, members, and partners we identified key areas of focus and developed our inaugural Strategic Plan.

Additional details, actions and measurements will be incorporated as we further develop and execute our work.

Influence the Business Environment

Unify the collective voice of business to enrich Gaston County's economic diversification, overall reputation, and regional position

Our members are local businesses invested in developing their business, growing our economy and strengthening our community. Harnessing the power of our members we work to advocate on their behalf.

Advocacy Guiding Principles

Promote Business Success

Identify the changing needs of business and respond with innovative, effective, and impactful strategies

We are proud to represent and support local business. By listening to the needs of our members we deliver relevant programming, essential resources, and the leadership necessary for growth and prosperity.

Enhance Workforce Capacity

Prepare and retain talent to encourage and sustain long-term economic vitality

In collaboration with our partners, we prepare and retain talent to encourage and sustain economic development.

Foster Operational Excellence

Enhance employee effectiveness, drive member value, and sustain financial strength

Utilizing our core values of Integrity, Collaboration, Accountability, Transparency, and Inclusion we enhance employee effectiveness to drive member value and sustain financial strength.

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