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Promote Business Success


We are proud to represent and support local business. By listening to the needs of our members we deliver relevant programming, essential resources, and the leadership necessary for growth and prosperity.

Goal: Identify the changing needs of business and respond with innovative, effective, and inclusive strategies

2021-22 Strategic Objectives & Actions

Objective: Identify and Address the Needs of Businesses


  • Conduct economic environment study
    • Determine data needed
    • Compile all existing relevant data
    • Identify role for GBA
  • Ascertain the needs of and challenges for Gaston businesses
    • Form collaborative work group
    • Determine and implement best methods to gather information
  • Assess value of existing programs and services and augment as needed to enhance member benefit
    • Complete SWOT analysis on existing programs/events
    • Modify programs/events based on need, gaps, and duplication

Objective: Engage and Support Under-represented Businesses


  • Identify and establish relationships with underrepresented businesses
    • Determine existing underrepresented business sectors
    • Connect with leadership, organizations, and focus groups involved in sectors to understand needs
  • Determine economic mobility & sustainability opportunities
    • Research best practices of regional and national peer organizations
    • Connect with underrepresented business owners to determine and implement most effective means of support


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