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Our Team

We're a team of dedicated professionals with a diverse set of backgrounds and skills. We're here to help the business community as it invests in Gaston's economic future.

Team Members

Patrick T. Mumford

President & CEO

Steve D'Avria

Chief Operating Officer

Angie Saunders

Membership Services Director

Jamie Banks

Public Relations Director

Liz Logan 

GO Campaign Content Manager & Editor

Vincent Ginski

Strategic Initiatives Director

Jenni Rhodes

Business Manager

Freida Pollock

Office Manager

Amelia Shechet

TPM Specialist


GBA Ambassadors are volunteer members who serve as an extension of the GBA team, assisting in the attraction and retention of members, and supporting effective communication and promotion of its work throughout the community.

Want to be more connected to the GBA and its work?  Learn more about becoming an Ambassador HERE

Shane Brotherton

Sallie Hendrick 

Crystal Rudisill

Nikki Brown 

Shaun Jones

Julisa Centeno 

Mary Pettus

Tori Dellinger

Julio Porven

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