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Influence the Business Environment


Our members are local businesses invested in developing their business, growing our economy and strengthening our community. Harnessing the power of our members we work to advocate on their behalf.

Goal: Unify the collective voice of business to enrich Gaston County's economic diversification, overall reputation, and regional position 

2021-22 Strategic Objectives & Actions

Objective: Strengthen local, state, and federal government relations activity


  • Develop a legislative agenda process and agenda Establish GBA Advocacy Committee and grassroots network
    • Establish GBA Advocacy Committee and grassroots network
    • Identify/support business community policy priorities & govt. affairs issues
    • Align as appropriate with County, Educational Institutions, Municipalities, and area Chambers
  • Communicate priorities with elected officials and business community
    • Connect with Federal & State delegations, County Commissioners, Mayors & public officials
    • Share NC/U.S. Chamber policy information
    • Include government affairs topics and elected officials in GBA programming

Objective: Attract talent to Gaston County


  • Market Gaston County as an ideal place for talent relocation

Objective: Enhance advocacy of public - private economic growth efforts


  • Mobility/Transportation, Land-Use Planning, Utility Infrastructure, Workforce, High-speed Internet

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