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Influence the Business Environment


Local companies invest in the GBA to develop their business, grow our economy, and strengthen our community. Accordingly, the GBA unifies the collective voice of business to advocate for a healthy business climate, essential infrastructure investments, and strategic economic diversification.

Business Climate

The GBA strives to ensure Gaston County and the state of North Carolina maintain a business climate that is conducive to business attraction and expansion.

 2022 GBA Legislative Agenda 

Strategic Objectives:

  • Strengthen local, state, and federal government relations activity
  • Enhance advocacy of quality pro-growth economic development opportunities

Strategic Initiatives:

  • Establish GBA Advocacy Committee and grassroots network
  • Create opportunities for Investors to engage in with elected officials
  • Develop a legislative agenda process, agenda, and communications strategy
  • Define and communicate the characteristics of sound real estate development

Built Environment

Ensuring Gaston County has the infrastructure needed to support a growing population is key to maintaining an enviable quality of life and driving economic prosperity. The GBA collaborates with private and public sector partners to identify barriers to growth and develop business-friendly solutions.

Strategic Objectives:

  • Develop comprehensive mobility strategy
  • Advance local, state, and federal infrastructure investments
  • Address land use planning and implementation challenges

Strategic Initiatives:

  • Work with public and private partners to identify and document critical mobility needs
  • Determine utility (water, sewer, broadband) infrastructure requirements
  • Identify opportunities for enhanced public/private alignment

Economic Diversification

Diversified business growth in the technology sector broadens the tax base, provides sustainable employment and mobility for residents, and strengthens the overall economic ecosystem.

Strategic Objectives:

  • Attract tech talent to Gaston County
  • Highlight Gaston’s unique quality-of-life benefits
  • Develop an access to capital strategy for emerging high-growth potential businesses

Strategic Initiatives:

  • Undertake a cluster analysis for the tech industry in Gaston County
  • Determine the need for specific technology jobs
  • Identify local venture capital and private equity opportunities

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