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Enhance Workforce Capacity


In collaboration with our partners, we attract, prepare and retain the talent to encourage and sustain economic development.

Goal: Develop and retain local talent to encourage and sustain long-term economic vitality

2021-22 Strategic Objectives & Actions

Objective: Develop and Retain Gaston County Talent


  • Communicate workforce needs assessment data to identified education/training program providers
  • Utilize employer-generated solutions to further improve talent development and retention initiatives

Objective: Conduct regularly occurring business needs assessments


  • Perform in-depth due diligence among workforce partners to establish baseline of current activity and metrics
  • Leverage business-led Talent Pipeline Management process to gather robust workforce needs data, specifically within manufacturing, healthcare and construction industries
  • Craft employer-generated solutions to address talent supply issues

Objective: Facilitate further alignment between identified business needs and education/training programs


  • Promote and market talent development strengths
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