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The Schiele Museum Releases Spring Event Calendar

March 21, 2022

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Emma Pasour
Marketing Assistant

Spring Has Sprung at The Schiele!

GASTONIA, N.C. – 10 March, 2022 – The Schiele Museum springs through the new
season with all new family-friendly events and programs! Search for a lost pot of gold in a Leprechaun Trek, plant flowers during the Spring On The Farm event, and study the
local flora and fauna during the Backyard Science program. There’s something for the
entire family through March!
Perfect for ages 2 to 7, the Leprechaun Trek event explores the traditions of St.
Patrick’s Day on The Farm.

“We will be on The Farm hunting for clues to help us find Patrick, our missing
leprechaun,” Lillie Reiter, Live Animal Manager, said. “We will even read one of my
favorite stories, ‘How to Catch a Leprechaun’ to give us some ideas.”
From wearing green clothes to having green thumbs, The Schiele’s Spring On The
Farm event on March 27 hosts interactive displays and activities about gardening. Kids
meet chickens, pigs, goats, and celebrate the arrival of spring.

“Spring is the season when everything awakens and comes alive,” Nathan Chapman, Farm Program Specialist, said. “We see the flowers, the trees with leaves, and hear the
birds singing. Spring on the Farm will let you meet the pollinators, spring vegetables, and
lesser-known friends on which we all depend on. Guests will also get to plant their own
spring vegetables in repurposed pots.”
The Schiele presents events for older children and adults, too. The Backyard
Science program encourages everyone to be a “citizen scientist” in their own homes or
on the Nature Trail with easy ways to observe and collect data in a collaborative

“Taking a look into our backyards helps us connect the wildlife around us to our
everyday lives,” MC Cox, Outreach and Volunteer Manager, said. “When you explore
and observe the world around you, you help scientists conduct research to preserve
and protect flora and fauna that make our world such a beautiful place.”

The Schiele’s events and programs are made possible in part through the Gaston
Community Foundation Run. The museum will participate in the 20th annual run on April

“Funds raised through this year’s Community Run will help support the museum’s
mission,” Elysabeth Utick, Director of Development said, “to provide exceptional
educational programming and exhibits for all our visitors.”
Utick hopes people visit the museum’s booth during the Community Run. Then,
plan their next adventures at The Schiele!
For more information, visit or follow The Schiele Museum on
social media.

The Schiele Museum of Natural History
Inspiring wonder and appreciation of the natural world, The Schiele provides the region
with a unique educational resource. Whether through formal instruction or visiting the
various exhibits, visitors to The Schiele gain insight into the marvels of the world around.
To find out more, visit or follow The Schiele Museum on social



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