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Starr Clinton, a native Gaston County resident began her nonprofit, Nita’s Silent Hands, back in 2018. Starting the organization is a dream her late grandmother encouraged her to chase prior to her passing. Both her mother and grandmother have proven to leave an indelible mark on her journey, and in turn, her hope is to pay it forward to the youth and adult deaf communities.

Having grown up with a deaf mother, Clinton has seen the good, bad, and ugly when it comes to performing daily tasks for the hearing impaired. With the goal of bridging the gap between the deaf and hearing communities, Clinton created several initiatives for Nita’s Silent Hands.

Project Limitless is a program she started this year to assist 40 deaf boys and girls in having the prom experience they deserve. While the kids oversee most of the planning, Nita’s Silent Hands is facilitating the event. They are in search of members in the community to donate dresses, clothing, and other items imperative for having a successful prom. The organization is also asking local hair and make up professional to donate their services.

Another event Nita’s Silent Hands has held is Deaf Day at the Gaston All American Fair. Clinton recruited interpreters from all over the state to walk with participants and ensure there was absolutely no issues with enjoying the fair because of a language barrier. Deaf Day will be a recurring event which Clinton hopes will grow.

To ensure both events are successful, awareness and education are a must. Clinton and Nita’s Silent Hands offer American Sign Language (ASL) classes and intend to train more interpreters to assist in the growth and education of the deaf community in Gaston County and throughout the state.

For more information about Nita’s Silent Hands and how to get involved, please contact them at: 813-402-8052 or Nita’s Silent Hands is in Gastonia at 365 North New Hope Road, Suite 6.

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